"Theme Search in the Song 'Sebelah Mata'"


  • Aprilia Kusuma -
  • Aisyah Fauzia Putri


Theme, Song, One Eye


This research aims to carry out an in-depth analysis of the themes contained in the song entitled «Sebelah Mata». In this research, semantic analysis was carried out to understand the meaning of keywords that can detail the theme of the song. Apart from that, sentiment analysis was also carried out to explore the emotional nuances contained in the lyrics. Findings from this research may provide insight into the dynamics of human relationships, emotional ambiguity, and inner conflict that may be experienced in interpersonal contexts




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Aprilia Kusuma, & Aisyah Fauzia Putri. (2024). "Theme Search in the Song ’Sebelah Mata’". International Journal of Educational Research, 1(1 Maret), 09–13. Retrieved from https://international.aripi.or.id/index.php/IJER/article/view/12